Advantages Of Internet Fax

Environmental Friendly

With Internet fax, facsimile contents are circulated in all digital form. This means no paper is used during the faxing process – in other words, Internet faxing helps preserve more trees, save energy consumption, and eliminate air pollution.  According to government research, United States alone consume more than 200 billion pages of paper yearly on faxes. Imagine if just five percents of these faxes were done online via email-faxing, millions of trees could be saved.

Cost Efficient

Depends on your location, a dedicated conventional fax line cost varies from $5 to $30 per month; on top of it, there are setup cost (buying the fax machine itself), supplies costs (ink cartridge, paper, etc), and maintenance costs (repairing and servicing the fax machine). The operation cost of conventional faxing sums up to $30 – $100 monthly easily.

On the other hand, Internet faxing works at a much lower cost. Standard Internet faxing service subscription costs roughly $10 per month – that allows you to send and receive 300 to 500 pages of faxes for free; faxes exceeding that monthly quota will cost roughly 10 cents per page. Email accounts are free of charge and as for the Internet connection, well you are going need it with or without the Internet fax. Thus in contrast, Internet faxing is at least 2x cheaper than the old faxing method.

Easy Data Management

Running out of space keeping your fax records? Tired of filing your faxes? Spending too much time looking for a fax record which was received six months ago? Problems like these never bother an Internet fax users.  Faxes are stored and organized and grouped in digital format – fax data management is simply easier and faster with Internet fax.

Send Multiple Faxes Simultaneously

Do you have multiple recipients and do not want to send individual fax to each person every time? Most Internet faxing providers nowadays allow users to send the same faxes to multiple recipients at the same time. And, on top of that, certain online faxing services also come with handy features that help you organize and group your contacts systematically – multiple faxes can be sent in, literally, just a click or two on your mouse.

Instant Startup

You’ll need to buy a fax machine, apply for a fax line from your local telecommunication provider, and get a stack of paper to start faxing with the traditional way. Internet faxing, in contrast, works much faster – you can start sending and receiving faxes with a new Internet faxing account almost instantly.

Fax Numbers That Are Never Busy

Unlike conventional fax machine, Internet faxing is always "on". You won’t have issues like clogging line and power failure with Internet faxing.

Easy To Switch

Certain Internet faxing services will allow you to keep your old fax numbers (this is technically known as number porting). This makes switching extremely easy for businesses that are using the conventional faxing machine.

Flexible And Mobile

The flexibility and mobility with Internet faxing are incomparable. Want to check your faxes from overseas? Want to send a fax from your smart phone? All can be done easily with Internet faxing. With mobile text alerts, smart phone apps, mobile fax features; you can now truly access your faxes  anywhere anytime you want.


Instead of sitting on the paper tray of the fax machine,  Internet faxes will be received and stored privately in your email inbox. No one but you will be able to look into your faxes.


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